Integrated Project Delivery Requires a New Project Manager

William R. Seed1

1Project Integration Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering; formerly Staff Vice President, Design and Construction, Universal Health Services


Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), a US-based for-profit health care company, has completed over 40 Integrated Lean Project Delivery® (ILPD®) projects and has over 60 more in development or construction. These projects range from $2 Million to $150 Million, with an aggregate value in excess of $1 Billion. As a result of this experience, UHS has found that the traditionally trained Project Manager is not equipped to deal with the relationship-based nature of the ILPD model. The desire for early involvement from the constructors and specialty trades and strong multi-disciplinary collaboration demands a new kind of leadership. The transformational change required by ILPD calls for project leaders who possess group facilitation skills, organizational management skills, people assessment and change management skills, along with the tactical skills of the past. This paper captures the challenges presented by the delivery model and proposes skills and abilities for the new “Integrated Project Manager.” It also offers a project leadership assessment tool to help align project needs with individual capabilities and identification of gaps and potential training needs.


Integrated Project Manager, Transformational Change management, Organizational Management, Facilitation.



Seed, W. R. 2014. Integrated Project Delivery Requires a New Project Manager, 22nd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 1447-1459.

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