Learning Simulation Game for Takt Planning and Takt Control

Marco Binninger1, Janosch Dlouhy2, Svenja Oprach3 & Shervin Haghsheno4

1Research Fellow, Karlsruher Institute of Technology, Germany, [email protected]
2Research Fellow, Karlsruher Institute of Technology, Germany, [email protected]
3Team Lean Construction, BMW AG, Germany, [email protected]
4Professor, Karlsruher Institute of Technology, Germany, [email protected]


The methods of Takt Planning and Control are applied in many companies. When conducting trainings with employees, subcontractors and clients the topic of Lean Construction is often imparted. The difficulty often lies in teaching abstract concepts to participants in a way that is clear and that reflects reality. A simulation game supports teaching, by its simplified description of real processes and helps transfer the method into practice. A good example is the Villego™ simulation game for the use of the Last Planner System. At Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) a learning simulation game comprising three rounds was developed. Presenting Takt Planning and Control in a production facility, it includes a scale model of a real project. In addition to tasks for the construction manager and various trades, roles for the client, health and safety manager and quality manager were integrated. This article describes the development, the game instructions and the empirical evaluation of the benefits in using Lean in the simulation game. It has been successfully tested multiple times and implemented for training by a number of companies. It offers the potential to make the method of Takt Planning and Takt Control more accessible and easier to understand.


Learning Simulation Game, Lean Game, Takt Planning, Takt Control.



Binninger, M. , Dlouhy, J. , Oprach, S. & Haghsheno, S. 2017, 'Learning Simulation Game for Takt Planning and Takt Control' In:, 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Heraklion, Greece, 9-12 Jul 2017. pp 227-233

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