Lessons Learned on Teaching Choosing by Advantages

Paz Arroyo1, Randi Christensen2, Annett Schöttle3 & David Long4

1DPR Quality Leader, San Francisco, CA, [email protected], and Founder and Co-Director, CollabDecisions,
2Lean Manager, Lower Thames Crossing, COWI, UK, [email protected] and Founder and Co-Director, CollabDecisions,
3Senior Consultant, Refine Projects AG, Stuttgart, Germany, [email protected] and Founder and Co-Director, CollabDecisions,
4Regional Lean Manager, Turner Construction Company, Oakland, CA., [email protected]


Decision-makers on construction projects are faced with complex, multidimensional challenges that require grounded, thoughtful decisions be made to further the project. This paper discusses a breadth of strategies for training construction teams to implement the Choosing By Advantages (CBA) decision-making method. These strategies are analyzed based on coaches’ experiences and observations in terms of short and long-term learning outcomes. The unique circumstances of every construction project require that lean coaches draw from a variety of teaching techniques to tailor the learning process to the specific needs of trainees. For example, while some trainees can quickly learn the basics of CBA theory, they often struggle to implement CBA in a practical context if not provided with proper support. Coaching proves efficacious in enabling construction teams to both make and carry-out decisions, however, a long period of training (12-16 weeks) is often necessary for thorough implementation and expertise in CBA.


Learning, teaching, choosing by advantages, decision-making



Arroyo, P. , Christensen, R. , Schöttle, A. & Long, D. 2019, 'Lessons Learned on Teaching Choosing by Advantages' In:, Proc. 27th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Dublin, Ireland, 3-5 Jul 2019. pp 405-416

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