Economics of Using a Distribution Center for a Renovation Housing Project

Zakaria Dakhli1, Steven Lagier2, Laure Ducoulombier3 & Zoubeir Lafhaj4

1Research engineer, Chair "Construction 4.0", Centrale Lille, Lille, France, [email protected]
2Construction Director, Lagier b√Ętiment, France, [email protected]
3R&D Manager, Bouygues Construction, France, [email protected]
4Full Professor in civil engineering, Chairholder at "Construction 4.0", Centrale Lille, France, [email protected]


The use of a distribution center is a common practice in industry and an emerging practice in construction. The main reason is that logistics is not considered to be the primary concern and interest of construction. On the other hand, current research shows that construction can be considered as a kind of production. The logistics side in construction is underrrated, especially since the cost of materials constitutes a large proportion of the cost of construction. While the research conducted on the use of distribution centers shows some benefits, a comparative cost between this type of logistics and the traditional method of supply has not yet been carried out in detail. The lack of figures and extensive studies makes it difficult for professionals to adopt it. The case study in this paper highlights the economics of using a distribution center for a housing renovation project. the paper also suggests a practical framework that assess the economics of using a distribution center in for housing.


Construction site, supply chain, distribution center, third party logistics, logistics, cost, benefits, lean construction



Dakhli, Z. , Lagier, S. , Ducoulombier, L. & Lafhaj, Z. 2019, 'Economics of Using a Distribution Center for a Renovation Housing Project' In:, Proc. 27th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Dublin, Ireland, 3-5 Jul 2019. pp 641-652

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