Choosing by Advantages for the Selection of a New Member of the Project Team

Anthony F. Paucar-Espinoza1, Andrews A. Erazo-Rondinel2 & Seiko Yong-Zamora3

1Researcher, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Nacional de IngenierĂ­a, Lima, Peru, [email protected],
2Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Nacional de IngenierĂ­a,, Lima, Peru [email protected],
3Planner, Consorcio Sihuay, Ancash, Peru, [email protected], 0635-374X


The construction industry works through projects; each project needs people who make its realization possible, and these people relate to each other, forming work teams. Thus, there is an important relationship between the projects and the team members of a construction project, who must be selected based on competencies that allow them to satisfactorily perform their role in the project and thus contribute to the project's success. This research aims to provide a systematic approach while also providing decisionmakers with best practices by demonstrating the application of the Choosing By Advantages (CBA) system tabular method in selecting a member of the project team. To this end, the research begins with a bibliographic compilation to consolidate the main factors that allow us to choose a new member of the project team. Later, the team is trained in the CBA system. The choice is determined by applying the Tabular CBA method to support a collaborative virtual platform and a remote communication program. Finally, the team decided and chose the new member to be part of the project team in the Project Control area.


Choosing by Advantages, project team, multi-criteria decision analysis, CBA tabular method, project controls



Paucar-Espinoza, A. F. , Erazo-Rondinel, A. A. & Yong-Zamora, S. 2021, 'Choosing by Advantages for the Selection of a New Member of the Project Team' In:, Proc. 29th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Lima, Peru, 14-16 Jul 2021. pp 562-571

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