Building Quality Builders: Lessons Learned From a Companywide Training on Behavior-Based Quality

Paz Arroyo1 & Sulyn Gomez2

1Quality Leader, DPR, San Francisco, CA, [email protected],
2PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1712, USA, [email protected],


This paper describes the process of designing, testing, and adjusting a virtual workshop called Building Quality Builders (BQB) to train a general contractor’s employees on a Behavior-Based Quality (BBQ) approach with the purpose of increase implementation and reduce re-work. The paper summarizes a two-year journey that started in March 2019 and ramped up in 2020 due to the increased use of virtual training caused by Covid-19 pandemic. This paper describes the continuous improvement process and the lessons learned along the way. Lessons learned from developing and implementing this training are 1) BQB workshop main purpose to help participants improve the delivery of quality has been achieved by including a commitment to action from participants who took the workshop, 2) BQB format and content can be constantly improved if feedback from participants is being used for continuous improvement, and 3) BQB workshop is highly recommended by participants who took it, the recommendation extends to everyone in the company due to the benefits participants identified from BQB.


Behavior-based quality (BBQ), virtual workshops, quality.



Arroyo, P. & Gomez, S. 2021, 'Building Quality Builders: Lessons Learned From a Companywide Training on Behavior-Based Quality' In:, Proc. 29th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Lima, Peru, 14-16 Jul 2021. pp 913-922

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