Training Field Personnel for Small to Medium Construction Companies: An Alternative Tool to Increase Productivity

Sugiharto Alwi1

1Senior Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta 11440, Indonesia, Phone +62 21/565-5801, FAX +62 211565-5805, [email protected]


Poor quality of construction personnel has a major influence on the overall performance and efficiency of construction projects. In general, contractors rely heavily on medium to high levels of construction personnel such as Site Engineers, Site Managers and Project Managers to successfully complete a construction project. The role of low levels of construction personnel, known as field personnel, is normally overlooked. This paper argues that well-trained field personnel have an important role in minimising the amount of waste activities during the construction process leading to reducing company's productivity. Hence, the paper attempts to explore the significant role of field personnel in completing construction projects productively. Based on a comprehensive data collection through a survey research and case studies targeted at small to medium construction companies in Indonesia, this paper states that a significant achievement in minimising the amount of waste and increasing company's productivity has been attained by contracting companies that have been conducting training for their field personnel. Evidence of the increase of the company's productivity is expressed by measuring the value ofPPC of the projects.


Field personnel, training, small to medium contractors.



Alwi, S. 2004, 'Training Field Personnel for Small to Medium Construction Companies: An Alternative Tool to Increase Productivity' In:, Bertelsen, S. & Formoso, C. T., 12th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Helsingør, Denmark, 3-5 Aug 2004.

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