Managing the Information Flow in Customised Apartment Building Projects

Cecília Gravina da Rocha1 & Sergio Luiz Kemmer2

1Civil Engineering Department (DECIV), Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), 3rd floor, 99 Osvaldo Aranha Av., Centro, 90035-190, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, Phone +55 51 3308 3518, [email protected]
2PhD Candidate, School of the Built Environment, The University of Salford, CNPq Scholar – Brazil, [email protected].


The adoption of customisation strategies increases the degree of clients’ involvement in apartments building development and production and also the amount of information that needs to be managed. In such strategies, clients’ specific requirements need to be translated into design and construction instructions. Failure in efficiently and effectively processing this information can result in apartments that do not fulfil clients’ requirements and/or drawbacks in the construction process such as delays or reworks. As a result, having an appropriate information flow among companies, clients, and suppliers is an important success factor for a customisation strategy. This paper presents the evolution of the information flow in four apartment building projects developed by a Brazilian construction company. This research follows a previous study on the same topic (i.e. customisation in house-building) published in 2010 at the IGLC conference. While that paper sought to describe a set of practices applied by this company for managing customisation and its connections with lean concepts and principles, this one aims to show how those practices have evolved through time. Thus, based on the analysis of these practices, this paper aims to provide guidance on how to manage the information flow in customisation strategies.


Customisation, production, information flow, apartment building project.



Rocha, C. G. & Kemmer, S. L. 2013. Managing the Information Flow in Customised Apartment Building Projects, 21th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 279-288.

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