The Impacts and Effects of Integrated Project Delivery on Participating Organisations With a Focus on Organisational Culture

Jennifer B.A. Suttie1

1Buro Happold Inc, 228 Grant Avenue, 4TH Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA, Phone +1 (415) 778 2797, [email protected]


This research focuses on a causal link between the involvement in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and changes in organisational culture within the participating organisations. It investigates the impacts and effects of IPD on these organisations and examines if these in turn can influence the organisational culture. The study examines organisations from the standpoint of during and after involvement in IPD projects. Primary data for the research was collected through interviews with selected professionals from architectural, engineering and contractor organisations who had previously had experience on or were currently involved in, an IPD construction project. This data was examined together with secondary data collected from selected IPD case studies. This research concludes that the involvement in IPD has the potential to lead to cultural change within the participating organisations. This includes influencing participating employee behaviour and attitudes, company processes and working practices. The main factors found to have the greatest impact on the participating organisations were; the lean tools and techniques used on the projects and the increase in understanding and knowledge of other professional disciplines gained in the process through the participation in a co-located multi-discipline team. The recommendations following on from these conclusions include the use of continuous improvement, an investment in education and training within organisations in order to improve understanding of other disciplines and the possible internal adoption of lean tools and techniques.


Collaboration, Integrated Project Delivery, Organisational Culture, Organisational Change, Implementation.



Suttie, J. B. 2013, 'The Impacts and Effects of Integrated Project Delivery on Participating Organisations With a Focus on Organisational Culture' In:, Formoso, C. T. & Tzortzopoulos, P., 21th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Fortaleza, Brazil, 31-2 Aug 2013. pp 267-276

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