Proposal of a set-based concurrent model for the construction industry

André Luiz Vivan1 & José Carlos Paliari2

1Master’s in Civil Construction, Postgraduate Program in Structures and Civil Construction at the Federal University of São Carlos – PPGECiv-UFSCar, [email protected]
2Prof. Dr., Federal University of São Carlos – UFSCar, Department of Civil Engineering – DECiv, [email protected]


Concurrent Engineering (CE) is commonly employed in high-tech industries. CE can generally be applied by means of point-based and set-based strategies. However, although several related studies have been published, these strategies still lack systematic structuring for the operationalization of CE in the Civil Construction Industry (CCI). The purpose of this study, therefore, was to develop a set-based operational model based on the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS), since this system is designed for practices in CE environments. This is a theoretical work developed from the rationale that the use of set-based concurrent models can more adequately model the use of LPDS-based CE. The main contribution of this paper is the proposal of a concurrent model for managing the development of the design process in the CCI. This work is considered important for the sector because it expands the theoretical bases of the areas of construction management and economics by proposing an operational model that contributes to a better understanding and use of Lean philosophy in the design process in the CCI.


Concurrent engineering, flow, collaboration, set-based strategy.



Vivan, A. L. & Paliari, J. C. 2013. Proposal of a set-based concurrent model for the construction industry, 21th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 409-418.

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